Friday, July 27, 2007

Having a Campus Party

¡Buenas tardes, compañeros!

Spending all of this week in Valencia, Spain for Campus Party 2007, I'm having loads of fun hanging out with the other Summer of Code students and all the nice people from Google.

I have tried hard to get some work done for my Summer of Code project this week, but it's rather hard to really concentrate when you're in a room with thousands of people playing computer games, having shouting competitions and generally a lot of noise. I wish I had noise-canceling earphones.
Still, I'm currently working on some code that should make my life easier next week. Writing utility functions is lots of work, but usually worth it.

Yesterday, I had a fun time delivering my presentation about experiences with Google Summer of Code and tips how to get into Google Summer of Code in 2008. The small lecture room that Google uses for the talks and tutorials was pretty full, so I hope some of these people will actually get into Google Summer of Code next year. I did not really get into details on my current and previous projects but rather talked about personal experiences and strategies to get your proposal accepted.

Apart from writing code for my SoC project, preparing and giving the talk, I'm having fun with the Googlers and SoCers, hanging out at the beach at 3 in the night, having nice food and generally enjoying myself. Sleep is a bit short, but there's always something.

¡Hasta luego!

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