Monday, January 17, 2011

My Samba status 11/1

Hi folks, you will have noticed that I failed to post any of my "On the way to Samba4" reports in December last year. That was because I failed to do any Samba work in December, spending all of my time on work-related things. A few co-workers and me had to rush to get a web server up and running that allows biologists to figure out what secondary metabolites like antibiotics might be produced by their bacterium/fungus. After pulling a 90-hour-week to get finished between Christmas and New Year's Eve, I had to take some time off not staring at a computer screen. Batteries recharged now, I'm ready to get into action. Over the weekend, I've been getting the skeleton for some DNS torture tests set up, I'm hoping to flesh this out a bit more during the week. Cheers, Kai

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