Thursday, August 11, 2011

From the frontline, day 4

Today, I decided to go for the downloader component that can download files on the behalf of the users. While looking at how to test this, I actually noticed that the mm_unit functionality has been merged into the minimock package. Sweet.
I wanted to keep this modular, a downloader sounds like a tool I could use in a couple of projects. So I created a Flask extension. There's a nice wizard script that automates the creation of the boilerplate files. Using the wizard, I created Flask-Downloader. It's pretty straightforward to use. There's a download(url) function that will return a werkzeug.FileStorage instance, just like the flask upload hander. I'll also add a save(url) function that'll save the url's contents to a file without returning a file-like object.
Not too much to write about, spent a lot of time researching stuff today. Hope to get done with my changes tomorrow. Let's see how that'll work out

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