Saturday, June 30, 2007

plunger moves to Google project hosting.

So far, plunger has existed in the WorldForge cvs tree out of convenience. However, as there are quite some people interested in plunger from outside the WorldForge project, I've decided to provide more infrastructure than what WorldForge has right now. This includes an issue tracker to allow people to more easily create bug reports and give feedback. After spending some hours to move the code from cvs to google's svn, plunger now lives at Expect some changes while I sort out the infrastructure I want to have set up at the new site.

Hello World

This being the traditional first program for any programming language, I think it's a fitting title for the first post to a development blog. Now, what is this blog all about? I'm not a big fan of blogging in general, but I have to admit that they are a good way to provide news and status updates for projects. I'm developing for a couple of different projects and I'd like to have a single place to write about this, instead of having to go to a different blog site for each.