Friday, July 27, 2007

Having a Campus Party

¡Buenas tardes, compaƱeros!

Spending all of this week in Valencia, Spain for Campus Party 2007, I'm having loads of fun hanging out with the other Summer of Code students and all the nice people from Google.

I have tried hard to get some work done for my Summer of Code project this week, but it's rather hard to really concentrate when you're in a room with thousands of people playing computer games, having shouting competitions and generally a lot of noise. I wish I had noise-canceling earphones.
Still, I'm currently working on some code that should make my life easier next week. Writing utility functions is lots of work, but usually worth it.

Yesterday, I had a fun time delivering my presentation about experiences with Google Summer of Code and tips how to get into Google Summer of Code in 2008. The small lecture room that Google uses for the talks and tutorials was pretty full, so I hope some of these people will actually get into Google Summer of Code next year. I did not really get into details on my current and previous projects but rather talked about personal experiences and strategies to get your proposal accepted.

Apart from writing code for my SoC project, preparing and giving the talk, I'm having fun with the Googlers and SoCers, hanging out at the beach at 3 in the night, having nice food and generally enjoying myself. Sleep is a bit short, but there's always something.

¡Hasta luego!

Monday, July 23, 2007

En route to Valencia

Finally on my way to Campus Party 2007. I really need to get my talk for thursday done, hopefully I'll be able to finish it before my plane touches down in Valencia. (I'm currently waiting for my first flight to depart, not blogging from a plane.) Originally I was planning to take care of my talk last weekend, but some nice virus decided that I'd rather spend all weekend in bed, sick. Oh well, this won't be the first just-in-time presentation. I'm just hoping my stomach will settle down a bit so I can actually enjoy all the nice Spanish food. I'm looking forward to a nice week in Spain, even though I will have to spend my time working on my GSoC project, as well as my LinuxConf.EU talk. I will be blogging from the event, too.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


The talk I proposed for LinuxConf.EU was accepted, so I'm going to Cambridge early September. Unfortunately this means that I actually have to write the talk I proposed to give. Also, as I need to hand in my talk by 30th of July, I'll probably need to write it while I'm at Campus Party in Valencia. Oh well. I'm looking forward to another nice conference.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Traveling to Spain

Google invited me and three other students to join them for the 2007 version of Campus Party. This means that I will travel to one of Spain's largest technology events to meet some other GSoCers and give a presentation about my GSoC project and my experience with GSoC in general. It looks like this is going to be lots of fun. Time to go and work on my presentation.