Saturday, July 19, 2008

WOMBAT 0.2.1 released.

The WOMBAT development team is happy to release WOMBAT 0.2.1 This is mostly a bug fix release fixing an uncaught exception when trying to create thumbnails for interlaced PNG files. It also has some visual updates, displaying all available files for the root directory and allowing to narrow down the number of files by browsing into subdirectories, scrollable divs to better display text files in place and a couple of others. Note that the wombat demo website moved to, thanks to Anders (aka. Demitar) for hosting.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WOMBAT 0.2.0 released.

The WOMBAT team is happy to announce the release of WOMBAT 0.2.0 This second alpha release of WOMBAT is the first to feature integration with Subversion.
Other Features Include:
  • Advanced Searching: Search by author, file type or modified date from within the repository.
  • A new stylish logo from Orin Shepherd at Coalmarch Productions (not a feature, but we're counting it as a definite addition.)
  • Thumbnail rendering for "most" image assets.
  • Inline file-detail viewing for quick side-by-side comparisons.
  • Application status screen with helpful statistics.
  • A better browsing experience on the whole.
Of course the live demo shows the current status.

WOMBAT 0.1.4 released.

New features for this release include:
  • Thumbnail preview for images, provided the PIL module is available.
  • Advanced search for things like "author", "file extension" and "creation date"
  • Various bug fixes.
As always, have a look at the live demo to see what's hot.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WOMBAT 0.1.3 released.

Features of this release include:
  • Loading revision data from a prepared metadata dir, vastly improving scan speed.
  • Many more search options
  • Status information on the front page.
  • Various bug fixes
As always, the demo site awaits your tests.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

WOMBAT 0.1.2 released.

I'm happy to announce WOMBAT 0.1.2 with Subversion integration. While I'm not too happy with the speed the integration gives us, it's a start. 0.1.2 also features some nifty AJAX magic to make the directory details go away when you don't need them and other visual improvements. Oh, and as you can see I moved the announcements of WOMBAT micro version changes to my personal blog, in order to not spam the WorldForge website. As always, you can try out the current release of WOMBAT.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Introducing WOMBAT

Yesterday I got around to release WOMBAT, the WorldForge Open Media Browser/Archive Tool. So finally I'm coding for WorldForge again after my last project stalled a little. Like plunger, WOMBAT is written in Python. WOMBAT makes use of the Pylons webapp framework. Apart from the brain-dead egg distribution mechanism, it's really neat. From the developer side of things, the framework gives you a lot of help to work on features, not web glue. I still have to get the FCGI connection to Apache working, but so far the demo site on my home box works fine standalone. Thanks to NAT, I can even pretend it's a real web server.