Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wombat demo sites back up

It's aliiiiiiive! Thanks to Thomas Ingham, a fellow Wombat developer, http://wombat.worldforge.org/ has a new home, ending a couple of months of downtime while I was looking for new hosting. Tom's box has enough power to allow running two instances of Wombat. Following the next release, the Wombat demo site will be running the latest released version of Wombat, while the Wombat development site will be running the tip of the development tree, on an example media repository. We're currently dealing with the teething pains of rolling out Wombat on a distro that is different from the one I develop on, but everything should be running fine in a couple of days. Thanks again to Tom and his sysop Josh for giving two cute little Wombat web-apps a new home.