Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the way to Samba 4, week 42

This is the first installment of my hopefully regular progress reports on the things I did last week to get Samba 4 closer to a stable release. The biggest piece of work certainly was finally pushing the DNS server implementation. Yes, that's correct, Samba 4 now has it's own DNS server. So far, all it does is serve out resource records from AD that it's authoritative for. You need to sync over the LDAP entries from another AD DC as well. Still, that's a good start, and thanks to the existing infrastructure in Samba4, it was possible to do all of this in about 1000 lines of code. Features still missing from the DNS server so far:
  • Recursive query support (needs a DNS resolver library, working on that)
  • Support for update requests so clients can update their own entries
  • On provisioning, we need to pre-load the database with a couple of DNS records
You can see a broad overview of the todo items for the DNS server in source4/dns_server/TODO.