Thursday, January 7, 2010

WOMBAT 0.5.0 released

The Wombat team is happy to release Wombat 0.5.0

Compared to the 0.4.0 release, Wombat 0.5.0 sports a lot of new features.

Notable differences are:

  • Now based on Pylons 0.9.7 and SQLAlchemy 0.5
  • No support for Python 2.4 anymore due to Pylons requirements
  • Users can now upload artwork
  • Uploaded artwork will be committed to the media repository after moderation by an administrator or lead artist
  • Tag-based browsing and other new UI features
  • A new subversion backend uses pysvn instead of executing the svn shell commands
  • Automated database cleanups

Changes since the 0.4.5 release include:

  • Art upload features as mentioned above
  • Security hardening
    • More resistance against command injection
    • More complicated password algorithm to slow down rainbow-table attacks
  • Multiple bug fixes
As always, the Wombat demo site has the latest version for you to test.