Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WOMBAT 0.3.0 released

The WOMBAT team is happy to announce the release of WOMBAT 0.3.0 New features for this version include:
  • Completely redesigned data backend based on SQLAlchemy
  • Support for scanning and updating the repository without running an extra script to generate the metadata
  • Preliminary support for Assets and Collections, the WebUI still needs some work.
As always, the WOMBAT demo site runs the latest version for you to test.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

WOMBAT status

Hi folks, development around WOMBAT hasn't really slowed down, despite the lack of releases recently. We're currently working hard on bringing the back-end data model into a shape that will allow us to add more features to WOMBAT more easily. I'm currently busy writing a svn xml parser that will load the metadata into a SQL database, instead of relying on files like we used to. This, together with a major overhaul of the overal design of the data model, gives us better integration with the SVN backend. A next step in this design will be tracking svn updates file by file instead of forcing a re-scan of the whole data set. Stay tuned for updates.