Thursday, March 29, 2012

Samba DNS sprint, day 3 summary

Some progress on the TSIG front, but I'm stuck with the exact signing method for a packet. For some reason dig and I disagree on what the HMAC-MD5 of a specific query should be. The RFC is a bit vague, and the BIND code of that area seems to be in assembler. (Ok, it's C, but their coding conventions differ so much from ours that I probably have to spend a week getting my brain to adjust to that)

So I'm not continuing on hmac-md5 support, but will instead look at GSS-TSIG directly today. That's the must-have feature, and the whole week would be wasted if I didn't get that in.

TL;DR: HMAC-MD5-TSIG stupid, working on GSS-TSIG now.

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