Monday, March 26, 2012

Samba4 DNS sprint, day 1

Samba has it's own small DNS server built in, but it's still lacking a couple of very nice-to-have features. This week, I'll be trying to get as many of those in as possible. There's two big parts here. One is getting forwarder support, so we can query other name servers on behalf of our clients. The other big item is getting signed updates to work so windows clients can sign their dynamic update requests. My battle plan for this week is:
  • Have a quick stab at a really simple forwarder library, but fall back to running dnsmasq with forwarding set up if I don't get anywhere until early afternoon today
  • Implement shared secret TSIG updates, to get the TSIG logic sorted out
  • Implement TKEY exchanges as specified in RFC2930, to set up the TKEY handling infrastructure
  • Make GSS-TSIG work as a possible signing method, so Windows is happy finally
  • More work on the forwarder library if needed/I have the time
Let's see how far I'll get, I'll post another update with what I accomplished today in the evening.

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Jelmer said...

Nice, looking forward to some commits this week. :-)