Friday, March 30, 2012

Samba DNS sprint, day 4 summary.

I'm still a but stuck with TKEY/TSIG, unfortunately. While looking at the GSS-TSIG implementation we have in libaddns, I realized that I could simplify my time handling. That ended up fixing my TSIG issues from yesterday. That is, I can now correctly generate the client/request side of a HMAC-MD5 TSIG. The server side still seems broken, at least I can't get dig to accept my reply signature, and if I query bind the server reply differs from what I would calculate fore it. Oh well.

I've looked at plain TKEY, but for now it doesn't really seem worth the effort. So I've decided to work on GSS-TSIG directly instead. I don't really know how to deal with the Gensec side of this, though, so it's a bit hard to keep the momentum going for this. I'm beginning to fear that I won't get this implemented this week. Not because any part of it was particularly hard, but because there's tons of little things that all take a couple of minutes. And of course sitting in front of the computer alone lone ranger style isn't the most fun way to develop software.

For tomorrow, I hope to get a bit more done than today. I'll be working on a little gss-tsig test utility based on libaddns that I can use to test my server implementation. That should at least allow me to figure out what's going on at specific steps. I still might need some help on the Gensec side.

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